Moving Targets

from by George Washington's Horse

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Now I'm high above the city in my good friend's apartment
And I'm thinking this is not the end it's just something real that I can start with
And I'm playing his guitar like tree that's falling in the forest
And I open up my rib cage to see if this is really where my heart it

I've been trying to figure out what kind of loss is the hardest
Is it the husband for the wife or is it the eyes for the artist
I've been shooting broken arrows at a moving target
Yeah knowing what I know makes you so fucking hard to part with

Do you remember coming back from Michigan last march
After you and I'd been out on tour for a month
We were trying to get to Jersey for a party at 8
But that ten hour drive took us a week to make

Yeah the first place we stopped was the DIA
We got high and stared at all that beautiful paint
There was a band we knew in Cleveland but that was too far away
So we took a motel 6 in pittsburgh cause it was getting late

We ate the last of the mushrooms in a Starbucks cup of tea
And left the show early to find someplace we'd rather be
I never told you this but when we parked in that parking lot
Downtown by the river til we saw the lights of the cops

They came walking up slow with their flashlights ablaze
I put all the drugs in my jacket while you were looking the other way
And decided in an instant that I would take any blame
Cause if you got busted one more time you'd be going away

But they just said this park is closed and we had to be moving on
So we drove away real slow and we never laughed so hard
They said this park has been closed and we got to be moving on
And there was more truth to those words than we ever would have thought

Cause a month or two later man we were so far away
But the lights on the river that night will always stay
The lights on the river that night will always stay
Yeah Pittsburgh at night will always stay...


from Blind Dance, released September 27, 2011



all rights reserved


George Washington's Horse New York, New York



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